7 Things to do to Improve your Sleep Tonight

Sleep is very important for our ability to function, our mood, and many other factors. Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t seem to shut off to get the rest we need.

Continue on for some tips and tricks you can implement tonight to help make you fall asleep faster and get a better sleep.  

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But first, some guidelines.  These should be almost non-negotiable as they all are key to guaranteeing an improvement in your sleep.  

  • Make a bedtime.  By not having a specific time in which that you should be going to bed, you’re just asking to stay up too late or have a harder time falling asleep.  

  • You should only use your bed for sleep.  When you lay in it to do work or other activities that aren’t sleeping you are training your brain not to sleep when you’re in bed.  

  • Limit caffeine.  Caffeine is a stimulate and it keeps you and your brain up.  You shouldn’t consume caffeine within 6 hours of your expected bedtime.


Things to Try

1. Avoid screens.

Taking time away from television, games, and mindless social media scrolling is no doubt one of the most beneficial things you can do before bed.  

When we are staring at our screens, we are not encouraging ourselves to sleep. Instead, we are doing the very opposite of that.  The bright screens emit a light that our brain interprets as the sun and thus our body can’t feel ready for sleep. Stepping away from the screens that sometimes seem to control our lives, is not only good for aiding in sleep but can also be good for our mental health.  

2. Get comfy.

It’s no doubt that laying down in a comfortable bed with lots of blankets and pillows are super relaxing and can make going to bed a lot easier.  A nice mattress with the right amount of support is also key. A good mattress will allow air flow for heat regulation as well as being comfortable and supportive.  

When your sleeping space is one that is welcoming and comfortable, it is no doubt that your sleep will improve.


3. Lower room temperature.

When it’s too hot, its hard to sleep.  Before going to bed it can be a good idea to cool off your bedroom.  You could turn the furnace down, the AC on, or even open the window. Not only will the cool air help in putting you to sleep but the fresh air can also be very comforting.  

4. Read.  

When is the last time you sat down to read a book?  Probably too long ago.

When someone takes time to read we are helping our bodies and minds to relax.  Reading a book in a sense almost transports you to a place where your worries and daily stresses don’t matter.  You can learn and explore so many different worlds through the act of reading. Plus there are books on every topic and libraries can make reading really accessible.  


5. Make a journal for gratitude.

Similar to reading, making a journal is a relaxing activity.  Specifically writing a gratitude journal can be beneficial to your overall well being.  

When you take time out of your day to list the things that you are grateful for not only are you emphasizing the good in your life but you are also acting in a way that encourages more positivity.  When you are happy it is a lot easier to relax and wind down to sleep.

6. Meditate.

Meditating can not only affect your sleep but it can work to make you a happier more confident person.  

Meditating before bed allows you to tune into your body, relax, and let go.  Doing a body scan meditation is perfect before sleep as it helps you do exactly that.  Body scans are relaxing and an easy way to slow down from a busy day.


7. Use sleep aids.

Using that little something extra to help you sleep can sometimes be needed.  Taking a sleep aid is not always necessary but can be helpful.

Melatonin, magnesium, and various other supplements can be taken to help ensure a good nights sleep.  Along with vitamin style supplements teas containing chamomile, valerian, or skullcap can also help to put you to sleep.

Now that you know how to optimize your sleep and the habits around it, you can start implementing them tonight.  By changing our habits and night time routines we can optimize our sleep experience to make sure you're getting the best one.  

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Trying something from the list out?  Leave a comment telling me what you tried or what you do to fall asleep!

Wishing you a good night’s sleep tonight!