15 Empowering Self Love Affirmations

Self love is important to your overall happiness and affirmations can be a helpful way to take some time for you.  These affirmations are specifically designed for self love and care. Take a few minutes to read these over to yourself out loud or in your head.  You can read through them as many times as you need, or as often as you need. Read each line with intention and allow yourself to believe the words as you say them.  

Benefits to Affirmations

Affirmations work to encourage positive thoughts and feelings.  When you say positive things to and about yourself you invite more positive energy around you.  Using affirmations is just one way to reframe your mindset and make you happier.

Whenever you think, say, or do something you are creating a form of an affirmation.  Using these affirmations you can create and affirm a feeling of self love. By coming back to these affirmations daily or whenever you need a dose of positive feelings you can help to combat negative thoughts and cultivate a happy relationship with yourself.

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I am whole.

I am worthy.

I am secure.

I am all that I need to be.


I deserve love and care.

I deserve to feel happy.

I am open to receive love.

My body is a place of love and I treat it as such.


My body is my home and I’m comfortable.

I treat myself with respect.

I can accomplish great challenges.

I am something to be proud of.


I am going to be okay.

I am enough.

I hope you’re feeling refreshed and a little more positive.  Feel free to save these affirmations and come back to them when you’re needing a little more self love.

Using affirmations can be a hugely positive factor for change.  Practicing self love and self care helps to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself.  Affirmations reaffirm these feelings and help to connect your mind and body.